For Mònarica Besos, life’s journey has been an essential part in her development as an R&B artist. The sassy Nashville, Tennessee native began taking music and dance lessons at a young age and grew up writing poetry and performing in talent shows. A fan of legendary artist such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and vocally inspired by contemporary artist Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé, her voice resonates with sexy, vibrant tones. Having previously completed a twenty-five state tour she has had the opportunity to serenade crowds with her soulful vocals across the United States, and has just enough charm to entice you.

With the last year consisting of busy travel within the fast pace of the music industry, the songstress is currently hard at work writing new music for her fans. “I’m so excited for this next step in my life,” she exclaims. “I want my music to be heard by people all over the world!”

Mònarica is well aware of all the hard work and dedication it will take to achieve that goal. She continues to push boundaries to make that dream a reality. “There are so many great artist out there that want to do this and I just feel blessed to have made it this far in my career,” she says. “I continue to strive to reach the next level because in the end I don’t want to be known as just another singer, but also as an entertainer.”

The starlet’s passion speaks for itself and it’s plain to see that she is well on her way.